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  • Hi Anne-Marie,

       Finished reading your book today. I laughed a lot! It also touched me deeply. I could not put it down. You                       revealed so much info that was unknown to me. Some day a chat with you would be great.  Well done! Bev would         be very proud of you! And so should your siblings!   Kudos to you! -Unc. Paul

  • I finished your book yesterday, and I have been thinking about it ever since. This book is a portrait of a beloved mother, who, in spite of heartbreaking childhood abuse and trauma, years of marital strife and infidelity, leaves a legacy of love and forgiveness. Stunning. Thank you for telling her story, I am in awe. -Lise Bogar

  • Anne-Marie,

      This book is an amazing read. There are so many women who have passed away with their own hidden            stories of abuse. I am so loving that Anne-Marie Bacon wrote this for her Mother. Her story needed to be        told. -Hazel Gerard-Chene

  • I loved the book, I couldn’t put it down. I would definitely suggest this book to my family and friends Ann Marie is a very talented writer and I’m sure her mother Bev was looking down on her with pride , go purchase her book now you won’t be disappointed. -Rose McDonough

  • book is amazing....I read it cover to cover and just finished it....what a beautiful message...forgiveness...Totally impressed.  -Susan Neely

  • Anne Marie has remarkable and passionate story telling talent. I sincerely could feel Bev's love, kindness and devotion to her family. Recommend to everyone; this book provides insight to life struggles and need of healing. -Francine Chevalier

  • Bought 4 copies and gave them to family members as gifts. Three of us spent two evenings reading it out loud to each other, much like a book club. Thought provoking and humorous at times. It's not always an easy read as the true story of the main protagonist hasn't lived an easy life ... but the lesson of forgiveness is overwhelming. We appreciated the insights in the book as they lead to our own understandings of the importance of forgiveness for healthy relationship, with tips on how to reach forgiveness. Being able to discuss the events while reading the book was therapeutic. Bev is an inspiration to all working mothers struggling with difficult burdens. The courage it took to write this book knowing it wouldn’t have a positive reception by all family members was appreciated. Food is a secondary character throughout the book and we were pleased to see they were available on her website. - Michelle Lazure

  • Just finished reading your book, hard to put down, accurate, made me cry, laugh, very proud of you.

      Marc Q.


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