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Working in Customer Service Covid Style

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

I've been working with the public all my adult life, and for the most part is has been fun, even entertaining. But some just need to take a deep breath, or ten and call on the Gods of serenity! Good grief, I think this virus has made people just a tad cuckoo!

I work in a medical office here in London, On. My boss is amazing and I love my job, almost everyday. Yesterday though was not my favourite day. Still after months of being mandated to wear masks indoors, do I get people who push the envelope. I mean, its been months, get over it already and put the little piece of cloth on and just be quiet, please! I mean really? I had someone have a meltdown yesterday, verbally attack me and tell me I need to educate myself, that the government was making up this whole hoax of a pandemic. Yes, I'm sure that's true, all the world leaders got together, and actually agreed on creating a virus that will cause mayhem in the world, cause a global economic crisis, kill millions of people and especially lets pick on the elderly, it's time for a world cleanse. Really, oh ok that makes perfect sense now, all these people in power agreeing to this, uh uh. Please, just stop.

My job has been made a hundred times harder by this virus. At least a hundred. I now am the screener at the front door, making sure everyone is wearing a mask, sanitizes their hands, I get to ask them the Covid questions and then my usual job starts. Then once the patient has left, I get to sanitize the room, again and again, all day long after every patient, we clean the room, the treatment tables, the door knobs, the light switches, the chairs, anything they may have touched and I have very little time to get it all done before the next patient comes in. So stop wasting our precious time, or the next patient's time with your garbage dumping. Is this cleaning overkill? Maybe but do you want to take that chance? I don't want anyone spreading anything or catching anything on my watch, I take that very seriously.

These people that feel the need to spew their 'facts' that they find on the internet, so they must be true, and let's say for a second I agreed to all this garbage, I still have to do my job and ask you to put on the mask. I am trying to protect said boss, so he can treat you. Listen, I get it, you're in our office all of ten minutes, it must be strenuous for you to wear a mask for all that time but guess what? We're doing it all damn day so just please, zip it! I did finally put my hand up, in talk to the hand style, and said very clearly to this person " Please, just stop, it doesn't matter if I agree or not, I am not interested in your facts, please just put your mask on so you can be taken of ".

So here's my plea for this Friday afternoon, when you are at your dr's office, massage therapists, hairdressers, dentist, grocery store, picking up a pizza, wherever you go this week...please say thank you to the person who is serving you. They are working harder then ever, making little more then minimum wage and they are tired. Really tired. They don't want to hear about conspiracy theories, rumors and your protests, they don't make the rules so stop giving them a hard time. Its not their job to take your garbage, they are not garbage cans! If you need to vent, start a support group for like minded people and have at it, start a Facebook page, do what you want but stop dumping on people who are not interested or that have no time for it.

With all that said, I will close with the words of my boss , he said: "don't think about those negative comments all night now, think of the kind ones, who are sweet, keep those ones in mind tonight". Tonight as I drift off, and I hope I I did not listen to him last night, I will remember those words and think of the person who came out and backed me up. And I'll think of the other person who walked in just after he left, and caught me taking some deep cleansing breaths...they gave me an understanding look as they deal with similar issues, ..please I beg you, be kind people, we're all gonna crack one day!

Virtual hugs to you all, stay safe, wear your masks, be kind and socially distance yourselves please!







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