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The Helpers during COVID 19

I've said it before, as have times like this pandemic you will see either the best in people or the worst. Personally I like to focus on the positive. I have witnessed many people tirelessly working to help out in their own way. A brave and enthusiastic example of this is Kim Hunter. She is the founder of Mamma Warriors and creates these fabulous retreats for Moms of children with cancer, at no cost to them. Well if that's not enough work and volunteering she has been collecting N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, gowns etc for the front-line workers that are facing shortages! It may be a drop in the bucket as she'd say it is but all those little drops add up and eventually the bucket gets filled or the need in this case! Thank you Kim for all your hard work! On that same front, my brother in-law Robert Lazure, a retired tech teacher is making face shields to combat COVID -19. Lots of designs were appearing online in March but he couldn't find any active groups in London working together so he joined up with a group in Waterloo with Steve Pellarin, another brother in-law. Together they have helped out many locations in that area, then they heard of need at a medical center in South London that was desperate for face shields and helped them out too. Now that word is starting to get out, they are filling the need at nursing homes, doctor's offices etc. Steve Pellarin, Executive Director at London Small Business Center, says it's a small contribution that he can make from the safety of his home, for others who must leave the safety of theirs to provide essential services for those in need. You see, Rob and Steve and I are called the Outlaws at our family functions. Our collected spouses are siblings and we often are seen hunkered in a corner cracking jokes while they're off taking family photos! I am helping my two outlaw brothers by being the phone contact, my very little contribution to the endeavor. And that is exactly what this is, an endeavor to help out those on the front-lines that are facing dangerous work conditions with little to no safety gear. Face shields are critical to safely care for the very ill. Thank you Rob and Steve for taking the time to do this. I'm so very proud to call you my Outlaw brothers! To my dear readers, whatever your contribution is to this pandemic, frontline worker or a helper, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please stay safe, stay home, wash your hands and pray this is over real soon.








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