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Thank a PSW today!

Are you like me, and more aware today of PSWs then ever before? I sure am, and I'm ever so grateful for the Personal Support Workers out there. I have a sister who is a PSW in the private sector, and I have a niece who is a PSW in a nursing home that is hard hit by COVID 19. This niece is absolutely working harder then she ever has and is under huge emotional stress. When I asked her what the hardest thing for her right now is, she was quite upfront with her answer. You see, people are dying in nursing homes, they are understaffed and these PSWs are doing what they normally would do in a day such as showering,bathing, toileting, feeding, brushing teeth, hair, entertaining etc and on top that they are dealing with their beloved patients who are dying a horrible death. These people have their families outside their windows, as they're not allowed inside the building because of COVID 19, they're on Facetime and the PSWs are the ones holding the patient's hands while they pass. This is the most painful part of her job. I try not to imagine my mother or father in that bed as I cannot imagine the pain for all concerned but this is happening in our country right now, at this second someone is dying from this awful virus. These are our elders, the people who led the the way for us. They farmed, they started unions, the women are the ones who made working outside the home a normal thing. It's because of these elders that we are all here today. Are we giving them the best care possible? Have we been, or is this virus making that much more visible now? Are we funding these homes the way we should? Are we paying these hard working PSWs a fair wage for the work they do? Have you thanked a PSW lately?

The other part we're all not thinking about is that these workers are secluding themselves from their families to keep them COVID free, my niece has not been with her family for almost a month now. So no hugs when she gets in from work, no smiles, not even the whining, maybe she doesn't miss that. This is what amazes me, she is away from her family and she finds a silver lining. She says that this has made her realize how special the hugs and smiles from her family means and that this COVID 19 has made her STRONGER as a person, stronger as a human. To me, that is admirable. I will not whine again about missing my grandkids! I do miss them but others are suffering far more than me. I will keep on helping however I can so that our PSWs have the proper gear they need.

I have been working with my two brother in-laws on an initiative where we provide face shields at no cost to nursing homes, care homes and medical clinics. My two brothers in-law are making the shields and for the most part they are delivering them, I'm just the person on the phone making the connections, getting the particulars. We call us ourselves the Outlaws, and we make a pretty good team to be honest. I have been speaking with administrators at the nursing homes, care homes and the fear in their voices is palpable, you can hear it, they're afraid for their patients, clients, they're afraid for their staff. I get such heartfelt thank yous, it amazes me that they are thanking me who is home safe, sitting at a desk and making a few phone calls and they are in the trenches! I'm just trying to do my part. We are all trying to do our part to help in any little way we can, this is my way to help out. Please help where you can, I've seen where people are bringing dinner to the staff, things like Subway, Wendy's, Timmies etc. It helps the local economy and you get to show your appreciation. Call the administrator of any care home, and ask how you can help. Even a box of donuts and some coffee from Timmies would be a kind gesture or gift cards! Anything at all is appreciated, I'm sure. Please pray for these workers, stay home, wash your hands, don't touch your face and be safe!







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