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Patience = Acceptance

I've been in self-isolation for five weeks now. For me, that's a long time without hugs from family, friends, co-workers, gym mates and neighbors. I know a lot of you have been at this even longer in some countries, I'd love tips on how you stay patient with this process. People are starting to lose patience. Here in London, On, this week, a real estate agent sent out 'the sky is falling' letters to potential clients warning them to sell now, that the market will crash. She did this in spite of the order from the premier of Ontario, Doug Ford. He asked that all new real estate transactions be held off, that they finish up any business in purgatory but all other business is to be done virtually or digitally. I'm sure this was done out of desperation or fear, I'm sure she had no intention of harming people but perhaps her naivety would endanger others. Speaking of endangering others, did you happen to catch the insanity just across the border yesterday? Some of our good friends and neighbors in Michigan are also losing patience with the process. It seems that many people were unhappy with Governor Whitmer's decision to add another two weeks to the non-essential business lock-down. I am struggling to find words to describe how I feel, try to picture me sitting at my desk with my mouth hung open and my eyes blankly staring into space. I understand the panic, I do. I, myself launched my first published book in January, I had plans to do a book tour this spring, well now I have boxes of books sitting here collecting dust. I get it, opportunities, money is being lost. We are going through it here too, real estate, food-service, retail, hair/nail/lash/tanning salons, massage therapists, chiropractors, every non-essential business has come to a halt for four weeks now, and we're told it'll be another four weeks. It's devastating, very devastating, but is it the fault of our premier? No it's not. These people leading us are being advised by experts in their fields, they know what needs to be done. They are trying to save lives, not drum up business! Please I beg you, just sit still a while longer. Spend some time at home going over ways to make your business better, think of doing something online or virtually. By having this rally, you have put more people in danger, you were out in the open in large groups, no masks and waving your flags for what? This is not a political issue, this is a pandemic, this is not some hoax led by the democrats, seriously people. You likely have just added another two weeks to the self-isolation order because of that rally. Because of that gridlock essential workers were stressed about getting to work or getting home after a very long shift. Firetrucks, ambulances, police cars all had to figure out how to get around that traffic jam. Did more people die because of your selfish act? Do you care? When you stopped to fill up your gas tank, did you sterilize your hands afterwards or did the person before you? Did you just put your own family's health at risk? I'm not alone when I say that what you did is a stab in the back to all the essential workers out there, and not just the hospital workers. My son in-law is an electrician with Hydro One, I’m sure he’d love to stay home for four weeks and be with his family but no, he’s going out so that you can keep doing your thing! Have you considered without hydro (electricity) that hospitals can't run, gas stations can't pump gas, grocery stores have to close, your valuable WiFi would be non existent, chaos would run amok ! I haven't seen any memes with Hydro guys, how about we honor them? I can't help what is going on in other countries, I wish I could, but here in little London, On, I beg you to please stay home, stay safe, wash your hands and stay healthy.






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