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Hope in COVID 19

I am missing my kiddos today so I got out the markers and crayons and had at it. I hope you like it! All around the world, the colorful rainbow has begun to be a symbol of hope. It has become the symbol of COVID 19. We often see rainbows after storms, perhaps we're all hoping to see this storm over soon with and we all have our rainbows ready!

Everything hinges on hope right now....everything. Personally I hope for so much right now. I hope that my grand-kids remember my hugs, that they remember how very much I love them, that's my biggest hope. I can stay home, that is no problem, it's the not seeing my babies, oh how I miss those children. Even a FaceTime visit helps but now that they're online for school, that doesn't seem to be happening as much. So I hope, I pray they remember me.

I'm also hoping that people are staying home, I mean do we need more letters from nurses, doctors, PSW'S to convince us otherwise. People are protesting to reopen their businesses, getting back to normal but do they REALLY understand the danger in that? I still hope they'll come to their senses, Please pray for them.

I hope the essential workers, the people on the front lines, I hope they'll be strong, that they'll hang in there, I hope people will respect them and show them gratitude by staying home. I hope they'll stay safe and healthy. They are our loved ones, our brothers and sisters, our family and friends, we need them. Please all pray for them.

I hope our leaders will pay heed their advisers, take their expert advice. I hope that we all don't go back to reality too soon, as much as I'm in a hurry to see my little ones! I'd really hate to have to do this all again come summer. Let's get this right the first time please. Our leaders are under immense pressure and strain to get back to business, but is it the right call? Please pray they make the right decisions at the right time.

This morning my 13 year old grand-daughter FaceTimed me, and I asked her, "what do you hope for right now ?" She very maturely said she hoped that all her family and friends are safe and healthy and that this would be over with soon. That summed it up in a nutshell for me! My hope for you all is safety, comfort and love.





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