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Happy Father’s Day

Today is the day we honour our fathers, the fathers of our children, the father figures in our lives and the many men who have had a role in our lives. That could be uncles, neighbors, friends, step-fathers or husbands!

I did a bit of research on when Father’s Day originated. I found a lot of info, some hogwash, some seemed plausible but no definite answers for you! I can remember in school doing up little crafts to honour our Dads. I remember doing the tie out of construction paper...woo hoo...our poor Dads trying to pretend they loved this stuff!

Personally, I’ve had several father figures in my life. My own father wasn’t really present, he wasn’t much into kids. We were just pests to him. I think possibly as he aged he may have gotten a bit more soft for us but that could be me wishing he was. I think he did the best that ‘he’ could and I’m ok with that now. Happy Father’s day Dad.

Later in life I got a stepfather who was certainly loving and full of fatherly advice. I’m grateful we got him for as long as we did. Happy Father’s Day Fred!

My father in-law was a wonderful father figure as well. He was kind, thoughtful and also full of great advice. We were always in his prayers and was always there when needed! Happy Father’s Day Pa!

Then there’s this guy! I couldn’t have chosen a better father for our girls if I tried! He’s been there since day one with them. He would do anything for his girls and his grandkids. (Or me for that matter) He’s kind, he’s generous, he’s funny, Corny Dad jokes and all. This guy has toughed it out through thick and thin, has supported us all in our sports, school, careers and life! The girls call him Papa, the grands call him Pepe, and I call him Dear, Denis, Cherie.....but to the world he’s Denis.

Thank you Dear for all you do! Happy Father’s Day!❤️🙏🍺🥩



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