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Happy COVID 19 Easter!

From our house to yours, Happy Easter! I know it's a strange one this year, no ham with Meme, or with Mom, everyone is on their own to cook for themselves! My sweetie and I had a fairly traditional dinner, ham, scallop potatoes and green beans for just the two of us. I have to admit tho, the potatoes were some that were in the freezer, last time I made scallop potatoes we had so many leftover that I froze some. Who knew they'd be great, I was a bit leery as I've never done this before. Turns out you can freeze scallop potatoes! This whole COVID thing, staying in the house has me lazy one day and a ball of energy the next. Today was lazy day so thank goodness for those frozen taters! Our meal was about the only traditional thing about our day, how about yours? What did you do to pass the time or to stay connected? I read an Easter Story to the grand-kids today via messenger. It was nice, then they told us all about their egg hunts, chocolate and other types of eggs and bunnies. Heidi was sure to tell Pepe she got Reese's peanut butter eggs, but she'll save him one till she can see us again. Those kids, always thinking of us, wanting to share with us, truly we are so grateful for those little people. It's what gets us through this difficult time.

This lovely art you see is a poster I made to show the grand-kids and to wish them a Happy Easter. I miss doing crafts with them so once in a while, I get out the paper and markers, maybe I'll do another tomorrow for you all! I never promised I was a gifted artist!

I hope you found a way to keep in touch with the people you love, that you managed a glimpse of your normal Easter. Next year will be different for us all. For now, we wait. For now, we wash our hands. For now, we stay home. For now, we stay safe. Soon people, soon we will reunite with all those people we need to see, want to hug, want to look in their eyes and see their smiles! Blessings .

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