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Happy 13th Birthday

Today we celebrate our grand-daughter's 13th birthday during COVID! Normally she would have a party, she would have a bunch of her friends over for a sleepover, they'd stay up late gossiping and chattering, and eating, but this year, everything is different! Different doesn't have to be bad though. We just returned from her place, you see we had a birthday parade! It was fantastic, as they live on a crescent so we were able to meet on the other side of the crescent totally unaware! We decorated our cars with banners, posters, balloons and there was even some Xmas garland thanks to Jane. You can always count on Jane to take it up a notch! So we did two rounds, the first one was just practice, we had to make a lot of noise and pop all those balloons! I blew up 45 balloons and I'm pretty sure at least 5 survived. Ha that was fun. The second round we all stopped our cars and stood beside them and sang happy birthday from a distance. Truly it was touching to see 11 cars of people that took time out of their Sunday to take part. The girl is loved! There was so much that I wanted to write in her card, but there's just not enough space. Lucky for me, I blog! So, I was thinking back to when I was 13, and I was thinking there's so much I wish I knew! So my dear girl if you're reading this, I want you to know that anything you want, anything you want to be, you can be that. Just put your mind to it, take the steps necessary and just get started. You will do it. You are so diligent, you'll do it. I have immense faith in you!'re gonna get pimples but so will all the other girls and boys, they are nothing to be embarrassed about, we all have gone through it, just wash your face regularly and they'll go away. No biggie, really! You are so beautiful people won't even notice! I should mention your teen years will fly by, so enjoy them, I mean laugh, do silly things and never get them again so have fun! On the serious side, your parents occasionally will have to say No, you see they were teens not long ago so they know, they will always do their best to keep you safe, if they say No, believe them, they're right. I know you can handle their no, be brave and let it go when needed.

To the girl that made me a Meme, know that you are always in my thoughts, always, my world is a far better place with you in it, and you make me smile...always. Forever when you look back on life, you can say that your 13th birthday was fun, it was different, it was exciting and you knew by a long-shot that you are loved! Happy birthday Sweet Girl xo (That's a socially distant hug and kiss)


P.S. I think it'd be very cool to share birthday wishes with my grand-daughter so if you'd like to comment with a wish, please do, I'll share them with her. Thank you!

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