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Hamster Wheel for sale!

First, before I get into today's rant, I'd like to thank all the readers from all over the world reading my posts! I am so happy that you find my words helpful and that you're tuning in! I have decided that since I have the time, I will share my COVID 19 experience with you all as often as I can and if you should gain some insight from my rants, then bonus for us all! I have seen pings from Brazil, all over the USA including FLa, Texas, Michigan, the beautiful Australia, many parts of Canada including BC, Alberta and all over Ontario! So thank you for reading and thank you for sharing, please let's share more!!

My promise to you is to share my honest to goodness feelings, where I'm at from one day to the next, and where my head is at. If you relate, my apologies. This is a difficult time for many of us, some more than others so my hope is that I will entertain you or inspire, either works for me really!

Have you been having the same thought over and over, like a hamster on his hamster wheel? This weekend I was obsessed with the fact that I couldn't share Easter with my family, in fact, I was really pained by that. So much so that I went over it and over it in my head. At one point, in the middle of the night, I thought this is crazy, stop this hamster wheel and let me off , you're making me crazy. It's a short trip really. So if you've been thinking the same thing over and over, try getting off that Hamster wheel. For example some people are without spouses right now because their husband or wife is an essential worker perhaps in a different city or maybe they have to stay apart for isolation reasons, think of this as a time to grow. Try to stop thinking "I want to be with my husband/wife etc" and start by saying to yourself 'I am so grateful for...' This is what I'm doing starting today. I am so grateful my daughters and their families are safe. I'm so grateful my grandkids are FaceTiming me, I'm so grateful for the food in my fridge.I am so very grateful my husband is able to be home right now, he is great company and gets me to laugh all the time with his sick corny jokes! So my hamster wheel is for sale, I'm done with it. I don't imagine I can get much for it, especially since it's imaginary!

The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So if today you'd like a different result, why not try a new approach? How about you start a grateful journal? So everyday before you put your head down, write down a few things that you are grateful for today. Start small with one or two things and work your way up. I didn't invent this, many people have advised this over the years, I'm just reminding us all that we all have things to be grateful for.

So my dear readers, friends, family and loved ones, chuck that hamster wheel and start fresh today!

If you've not checked out my website, please do so while you're here. If there are recipes that you'd like to see, let me know or if you're struggling with a certain issue, let me know in a private message, I'll do my best to help out. Please, stay safe, wash your hands, stay home and stay healthy!





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