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Gratitude in Covid

Let me start by apologizing for not blogging lately. I won't go into excuses, the honest truth would be that I haven't felt truly inspired lately. Have you felt like that too? Are you an artist, a writer or have another job really that inspiration helps you get things done? Are you struggling? Here's what I did to get myself at least to blog! I started writing down things that I'm grateful for...I started with the obvious things like my family, travel, the sunshine, nature, the birds, the flowers, trees, animals, mountains and beaches. We're all grateful for those but do we take them for granted? I believe I have been. Have you?

I recently received some really great reviews on my book, The Monkeys In My Dreams. The reviews remind me of my mission. I wrote that book to help others heal, and I believe being grateful will also help. I was truly grateful for those reviews and it got me thinking, Self, what else are you grateful for?

Well, I surely am grateful for my Sweetie. He went over and above on my birthday this year! He knows full well, that I'm missing our annual trek to Playa Del Carmen, the beaches, the food, the margaritas, the music, did I mention margaritas? So when I got home from work that day, the fiesta music on, and he fixed me up the tastiest margarita ever! He had me sit down and sip my drink while he got dinner ready. Let me tell you, this is an unusual occurrence so it felt special to me. I was very grateful for those tacos and the refried bean casserole that he made up! (it's real simple, refried beans on the bottom of a dish, top with salsa, shredded cheese and jalapenos, bake and eat with nacho chips or tortillas wrapped like a cigar!) To top all this off, he had macarons for my birthday cake and he sang me the sweetest rendition of happy birthday ever. He wouldn't let me video it but it really was so very sweet. It just capped off a day of so many messages on Facebook, texts, phone calls, zooms with family and friends and porch visits. Truly I am humbled and oh so very grateful. Thank you all.

I've been trying to jot down things I'm grateful for, things like my health, my body...I mean, is it perfect? I'm not sure, what is perfect? and who decided that? I choose to be grateful that I'm healthy, that my legs get me where I'm going, that my eyes can see the beauty that surrounds me (ok with glasses), that my ears can hear my precious grand-kids talk, giggle or sing, and a brain that helps me write, think, talk and do all that I like doing! I'm very grateful for all these things and I'm grateful that I was prompted to even think about them. So what are you grateful for today?

Try to turn your negative thoughts to a gratitude thought....such as "Oh I can't have a sleepover with my grand kids", change that to I am so grateful that soon I'll be able to have my grand kids over and we'll have a blast. I know, I know how hard it is right now, believe me, I've done my share of whining but trust me friends, gratitude brings happiness, so turn those nasty thoughts into gratitude!

What made you smile today? I had to smile when someone posted a pic of bare bottomed baby in his Mama's cupboards and had spilled an entire box of lucky charms, his butt was covered in them...that had me laughing. Kids will get into stuff the second you turn your back, why not Lucky Charms?

So take a moment and jot down 5 things you're grateful for today, go on, do it. There, don't you feel better? We are surrounded by wonders...find yours. Virtual hugs to you all, stay safe, stay warm.

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