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Finding Happiness During COVID-19

These last few days have been hard, I think it's the not knowing when life will get back to normal, when will I see my grand-kids again? When will I hug them? My daughters, when will I hug them again? I miss them all so much but I digress, I've been trying to find happiness in the simple things like a cup of tea and a laugh with my sweetie. He always can bring a smile to my face! I find blogging or writing helps to relieve the sadness. I always will pick up the markers and crayons and do a bit of coloring, that's fun too.

Another way that I find to help me cope is exercise. I can't be alone in this as I know so many instructors doing Zumba, Yoga and many other types of exercise on FaceTime or Facebook live. A friend of mine Char Rivard has been doing these amazing yoga classes on Facebook live and man, who knew yoga could make you sweat like that! I bet you're all saying you knew. I'm more of a training kind of girl but have been experimenting and having fun. I also think it takes your mind off things, you're not sitting around moping as Mom would say. Or maybe she'd say "You want something to cry about? I'll give you something to cry about!" Yikes, I can remember using that line myself. The other benefit of working out is get rid of those unwanted pounds from all the tasty meals you've been cooking up, I know you are as I see the pics on Facebook! Keep it up, I love those pics.

Another friend Christine Noble from St.Thomas Hypnotherapy( has been graciously doing meditations nightly on Facebook live. There's another way to find peace and happiness. Just chill and relax. She's been practicing meditations for 25 years, she says practice makes progress and everybody does it differently. There is no perfect way to meditate. The effects of meditations are reduced stress and/or anxiety, a feeling of well being, enhanced self awareness, improved sleep and better emotional health. Those all sound like good reasons to give meditation a try to me. You can find meditation groups on Facebook, there are meditations on YouTube, you can take meditation courses online right now for free or you can find Christine on Facebook and join her nightly. I'm sure she'd like that. I hope whatever you are doing to find your happiness, you are finding it often. Virtual hugs to you all and again, I thank you for sharing my blog to your facebook pages and to your friends. Please Stay Home, Stay Safe, Wash your hands and Pray this is over soon. Namaste.







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