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Easter with COVID 19

I cried myself asleep last night, was I the only grandmother out there crying because not only can we not hug our sweet grand-kiddos but we can't even drop off an Easter pkg? I can't be the only one feeling sad about this. I am proud that both my daughters are taking a strong stand on social distancing, I get it, it's the only way to avoid transmission of this awful virus. I would be absolutely devastated if anything should happen to those kids, who wouldn't be?

So this Easter this year will be different, my sweetie and I will be celebrating alone. No fish fry, no egg hunts, no kids, just us. It's not our traditional Easter but it is what it is. Traditions are BIG with me, I don't have many but for most of my life I have celebrated Good Friday surrounded by family, cooking up fish, laughing, having egg hunts and simply just smiling, happy to be with my family. I shall never again take that for granted, that it's a given to be surrounded by those I love.

I don't go crazy with candy or treats usually but this year I made them caramel popcorn, a family favourite as I figured we all could use a little extra comfort, AKA sugar, this year! But by the time they get these bags, that popcorn will be stale! We surely will FaceTime and for that I am so grateful, just seeing their faces brings a smile to my face. How will I not cry? Good question as I cannot even see the keyboard for the tears that fill my eyes right now. I will be strong though, I will and you can too. Be strong for your families, be strong for those kids as when this is over, we all can celebrate, I can see the dancing in the streets, parties, and all kinds of hullabaloos! How will you celebrate?

I will have a cousin party of a lifetime! You see we have these parties where the grand-kids come over and we spoil them rotten! We feed them all the fun and easy foods, chicken fingers, fries, pizza, mac & cheese, nachos etc, we play games, we play Nerf tag downstairs, we swim, we hike, we watch movies and we bake cookies. Basically we have a blast! This is what keeps me going, knowing my girls will need a break, and that they'll let us have the kids for a night or two, I'm gonna push for two! We've never done a two night cousin party but here's hoping!

What will you plan for your get out of isolation day? I had a dream the other night that I was at the end of my driveway and handing out hugs to everyone, so silly. I promise, I won't do that but I will be hugging lots! I'm such a hugger, I got that from Mom. She greeted everyone with a hug, I mean everyone!

Well my dear readers, family, and friends, my wish for you is a safe and healthy Easter. Please stay away from others, social distance yourselves from the world, tuck in at home, eat the comfort foods, read the books you've been wanting to get to, have that glass of wine, dig into the chocolate you bought for said kids and drop me a line telling me how you got through it. Together we can do this!

Love to all and to my steadfast daughters....I'm starting with your caramel corn!

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