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Hello folks, just checking in, how are you all doing? How are you all coping? I am curious to hear what you are doing to keep busy?

I was talking recently to a close friend that is a nurse here in London on the pediatric oncology floor. It struck me while talking to her that I was whining about how bored I am, that I am eating non-stop, that it's such a hardship to be staying home with nothing to do. I realized mid-conversation that she works 12 hour shifts with barely a chance for a snack, let alone a meal and here I am eating like it's my last day on earth! I've gained 4lbs in 4 weeks. Seriously I am a little husky! She can go hours without using a toilet, me on the other hand am visiting the toilet so much for all the water I'm drinking that I think I'll burst! She is anything but bored trying to keep children of all ages healthy and away from the dreaded COVID virus. So, having checked myself, I want you all to know that yes it can be boring staying safe at home but next time you're feeling sorry for yourself, which I am guilty of, think of her working her butt off, and all the nurses, doctors, cleaners, all essential workers that are not only doing their job, but doing it under immense pressure. These essential workers would do anything to have this time off so don't waste it by lying around whining that you're bored, or eating non-stop, don't squander this precious time that you have to bond with your kids, and them with each other. I would do anything to be stuck with my kids or the grandkids right now. Be grateful for the time you have off and accomplish something, anything!

Here are a few ideas to do while self-isolating in your home:

- do a puzzle, just get one out, start it and then go back to it whenever you're bored

- play a game of Dominoes, it's a great game for all ages

- write a letter, yes an old fashioned letter, address it, put a stamp on it and mail it!

- write in a journal or blog. In 5-10-15 years, you can look back and show your grandkids!

- sing a song, play an instrument, go ahead you love music

-write a book, yes get started, here's an was a cold spring day....

- do that home repair that you've been putting off because you just didn't have time

- paint the guest room, they'll thank you for it!

- play a game of cards with your roomie, there are too many options to list

- play FaceTime Bingo, charades or Pictionary with a friend/child/grand parent

-draw, paint a picture of anything, just get pencil to paper and start, your brain and heart will work together to get it done, but you need to pick up that pencil!

- do a craft! Visit Pinterest, just type in what pieces you have ie: pipe-cleaners, Popsicle sticks, glue, buttons, googly eyes and see what comes up.

- read a book, have you read my book yet? The Monkeys In my Dreams, I have some here if you'd like to purchase a personally signed copy, message me.

-FaceTime, Skype or Messenger video a friend, your mother, your grandfather, whoever, just make contact with someone. They are likely bored too and will be grateful for the call. My grandkids have been real good at keeping in touch with me, this fills my heart when they do. It means the world to us that they think of us, it really does.

I saw on Facebook where someone wrote a bunch of ideas on Popsicle sticks, put them in a jar, then one of the kids said they were bored, they'd pick one out and tada, they had something to do. you could do the same with paper!

As you can see I was bored and thought well, I could blog, so I did! I hope you found some inspiration here and will try to keep in mind that you are not bored, you are just taking a break from all the things you could be doing! In the years down the road and you look back, what project will you say occupied most of your time?

Please, Stay Safe, Stay Home, Wash your hands and thank an essential worker today.




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