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Mom's family meant the world to her. She was so proud of her family! Here's the whole crew!

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 Sunday Mornings,

Her with her coffee, me with my tea.

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Mom and Colette

This is a lovely pic of Mom with my sister.

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Fun Mom

Mom having fun! She was always game to try on crazy hats when out shopping with the girls!

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Mom with Santa 2014

Mom loved our Christmas gatherings where her kids and their kids, and their kids would gather for food, fun and family cheer!

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Mom and her Grandkids

Mom was so proud of her grandkids. This is a shot from our Christmas 2014 gathering!

Mom and grandkids_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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5 generations_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Five Generation Photo

Meme D, Mom, Anne-Marie, Meme B and baby Melissa!

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Wedding Mom

June 2013

Mom loved a good wedding where all her family would be gathered in all their Sunday best finery!

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Mom and her girls

Anne-Marie, Monique and Mom posing in front of fireplace at my brother's place!

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September 14, 2014

Mom all dolled up for Natalie and Jon's wedding!

Mon Bev 2.jpeg
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Bev 1994 West Coast Trip2_edited.jpg

Mom on Vacation

Summer  1994

Mom travelled out west with Monique, Gaston, Natalie and David. It proved to be her favourite trip of her life!

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Mom in Hospice

September 2016

My sister Colette would bring Mom a burger from McDonald's as a treat. she craved them while in Hospice. That day Colette was her favourite kid no doubt!

sick Mom.jpg
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