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About the Author

Anne-Marie grew up in a large family; she was the seventh child of eight children.  Anne-Marie is the blessed daughter of Philippe and Beverley, a woman who bravely shared all of her deep, dark secrets. With those stories, Anne-Marie weaved the story of THE MONKEYS IN MY DREAMS.

Anne-Marie has been happily married for 39 years to Denis and together they have raised two smart and beautiful daughters. Those lovely daughters have had two children each, so a total of four grand-children to keep Denis and Anne-Marie young and happy! Spending time with those four grand-children has been both educational and entertaining!

When not writing, Anne-Marie and Denis love to travel where they immerse themselves in the local culture, food and surroundings. They are partial to the warm sunshine of Mexico to escape the cold, brutal winter of Southern Ontario, Canada but have been known to frolic in Europe as well!

Anne-Marie literally grew up in a restaurant, her family lived above the Stoney Point Tavern which her parents owned and ran.  She has been a foodie since before it was cool to be one! She loves to cook all forms of food! She loves to feed people; food is love after all. One of her many specialties are soups! She has spent time with Soup Sisters volunteering, a charity that makes homemade, fresh soups for the local women’s shelters. She hopes to do more of this real soon!

Growing up in the restaurant and working in several other establishments gave Anne-Marie the knowledge and background to pursue a career in food sales in the food industry. By the time she left the Foodservice industry, she had put in thirty-five years doing all jobs between bus girl, cook, and kitchen supervisor, catering and finally many years pursuing sales!

Anne-Marie has been on the path to healing and forgiveness for some time now. Writing this book gave her much fodder, hearing all of her mother’s stories and her ease to forgive. She recently completed the course for a certified life coach which gave her an entirely new perspective in healing. Her journey continues daily.

About the Author: About Me
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